Former president of parliament, 2017Lord Mayor of the city of Bonn, 2017General music director of the city of Bonn, 2017President of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland, 2017President of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany, 2014Director of the Beethoven Festival Bonn, 2017President of the Federal Network Agency, 2014Auxiliary bishop in CologneMinister in North Rhine-Westphalia, 2014CEO Deutsche Telekom AG, 2011CEO Deutsche Post AG, 2011Former premier of NRW, 2011Author, 2012Journalist and TV host, 2011Journalist, 2010Mayor of Bonn, with wife Hanne Hufschmidt, 2010Soprano singer, 2011SPD politician, 2011NRW minister for the environment, 2011Professor of evolutionary anthropology, 2010Former Federal President, 2011With husband Horst Köhler, 2011Former Federal Minister, 2010Former Federal Minister, 2012Chairman of Die Linken, 2010Former Federal Minister, 2011Journalist, 2012Journalist, TV host and producer, 2011Owner of TRIGEMA, with wife Elisabeth, 2011Former mayor of Bonn, 2011Singer, 2012