There is an equal fee for all jobs of 49 euros per hour (58,31 euros incl. tax). To that the time for post-processing the photos has to be added, which is about the same time as the one spent on location (at weddings twice the time is needed for post-processing).

Taking family photos takes about 30 to 60 minutes (plus post-processing).

You'll receive digital copies of all photos in full resolution, if you like also in black and white or sepia. You can order prints with matt, glossy or silk-mat finish (best quality).

The above does not apply to photos taken at kindergarten, school, first communion or confirmation. At these events prices are on a per picture basis.

Film, Video, Live Streaming

The fee is here 49 euros per hour as well (58,31 euros incl. tax). For each project I will estimate the time needed for filming and editing, so I can give an upper limit on the total costs.

For live streaming the preparation time on location is, including the dismounting time, about four hours. To this the time for the actual event has to added. There is no time needed for post-processing. However the video tracks of all cameras will be recorded separately and can be edited and cut differently at a later time, if desired.