Schools & Kindergartens

For more than ten year I photograph at over 40 kindergartens and schools in and around Bonn. My long exprerience and joy to work with children of any age lead to many happy and lively photos.

If the weather permits it, I photograph in schools and kindergartens outside on the compound of the facility. Most parents prefer these pictures to studio photos. If it rains or if it's explicitly wished for I take studio photos with different backgrounds.

In kindergartens with whole groups of children younger than three years (U3) I sit with the children in their room and take the picutres there, supported by the teachers, from a greater distance. This leads mostly to very pleasant results.

In schools as well as in kindergartens I usually take six different photos of each child at various locations. Thus the parents don't only receive a single picture in different versions, but really different pictures of their child. Furthermore I also take several pictures of siblings and families, if desired.

Most kindergartens and schools wish to receive their pictures in classic photo folders and this is what I deliver in these cases. Alternatively I can also offer to put the photos password protected on an online portal, on which the parents can select and buy the pictures.

Payment usually is per picture, i.e. all photos cost the same price and the parents have a free choice among all received pictures. Some kindergartens wish for an even simpler method. With these I agree on a unique price per folder.

In any case the parents have a chance to order additional prints or to buy a digital copy of their photos.

Please ask for an offer with detailed information and current prices.